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"This is Alphys. Uh, l-leave a message, please!"

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let me know if there's anything u want to discuss about my portrayal of alphys!!!

offsite communciation:
discord: cancerously#6043
plurk: [ profile] cancerously

I can also be found on tumblr at cancerously which I'm on a LOT, AIM i'm bad at being online unless asked, and I'm on Plurk pretty constantly nowadays

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Backtagging: absolutely!!!
Threadhopping: please honestly
Fourthwalling: get my permission first! it can be fun but i'd like to be able to sign off on it first :V
Offensive subjects: you're cool m8


Hugging this character: please do!!! she's honestly sad a Lot and will appreciate it
Kissing this character: I mean you can but she'll probably scream in your mouth (undyne is not exempt)
Flirting with this character: please honestly only because she will shrivel like a raisin. she doesn't know how to deal with any form of people thinking she's cute
Fighting with this character: YOU CAN BUT SHE'LL PROBABLY JUST CRY
Injuring this character: yes. please. if it's anything permanent (i.e. limb loss, eye loss, ect) clear it with me first but like. do it
Killing this character: only if plotted beforehand!!! im open to killing her but not random murder yanno
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: PPPPLPEEASE YOU'LL MOSTLY JUST GET AN ANIME THEME SONG among a myriad of anxiety and depression issues
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All of Alphys' gifts for Gyftmas 2016 in [community profile] entranceway.

Gyftmas 2016! )