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"This is Alphys. Uh, l-leave a message, please!"

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let me know if there's anything u want to discuss about my portrayal of alphys!!!

offsite communciation:
discord: cancerously#6043
plurk: [ profile] cancerously

I can also be found on tumblr at cancerously which I'm on a LOT, AIM i'm bad at being online unless asked, and I'm on Plurk pretty constantly nowadays

comments screened, ip tracking off, anon on! go wild kids
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Backtagging: absolutely!!!
Threadhopping: please honestly
Fourthwalling: get my permission first! it can be fun but i'd like to be able to sign off on it first :V
Offensive subjects: you're cool m8


Hugging this character: please do!!! she's honestly sad a Lot and will appreciate it
Kissing this character: I mean you can but she'll probably scream in your mouth (undyne is not exempt)
Flirting with this character: please honestly only because she will shrivel like a raisin. she doesn't know how to deal with any form of people thinking she's cute
Fighting with this character: YOU CAN BUT SHE'LL PROBABLY JUST CRY
Injuring this character: yes. please. if it's anything permanent (i.e. limb loss, eye loss, ect) clear it with me first but like. do it
Killing this character: only if plotted beforehand!!! im open to killing her but I'd like it to have purpose.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: PPPPLPEEASE YOU'LL MOSTLY JUST GET AN ANIME THEME SONG among a myriad of anxiety and depression issues

AS AN IMPORTANT NOTE: Pieces of Alphys' canon and character contain sensitive subjects such as mental illness, severe depression, and suicide. Please let me know if you need to opt-out from these topics or would prefer me not to tag you entirely! If you would prefer your comment be screened, please comment over on my HMD post or DM me directly. Thank you!
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All of Alphys' gifts for Gyftmas 2016 in [community profile] entranceway.

Gyftmas 2016! )